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Settling In

Starting in a new childcare setting is a big step for young children. It can also a big step for parents too! Leaving your child with someone that you don’t know very well (yet!) is hard, so it is normal to feel anxious. At Dicky Birds, we aim to work with you to make the settling-in process as smooth as possible. Our settling in process is tailored to each child and family individually.

Once your child’s place is secured the nursery team will contact you to arrange settling in for you and your child. This is likely to start 4 weeks before the start date, with regular visits at least 2 to 3 times per week. Your Key Person and Nursery Manager will review your child’s progress with you throughout the settling process, 

Settling In Promise
We are confident that your child will settle with us as part of our thorough settling programme. But we also want to reassure you that if your child doesn't settle within the first 8 weeks after their start date, we will fully refund your first month and applicable part-month fees paid in advance. Terms & Conditions apply.


For more information see our:- 

Settling In and the Role of Your Key Person Guide and Quacksheet

Settling In and the Role of Your Key Person Policy

You can also contact our Admissions team to discuss the settling in process or arrange to come and see us on 020 8942 5779 or email admissions@dickybirds.co.uk.



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