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Throughout the year we will be hosting a number of educational evenings where a special guest speaker will be at the nest to give a presentation about their specialist area of childhood expertise. These talks will showcase important ideas from the speaker's chosen discipline before opening the floor to questions from the audience.

New dates to follow shortly.

Parent Information Events

At Dicky Birds we hold Parents' Information Evenings all about Joining the Nursery Nest and Settling In to help guide and empower parents when their little ones are ready to join a nursery nest.

Click here for dates, times, locations and how to book your place.

Let us take you on a tour of nursery life and how we will settle you and your little chick in with us. We will discuss everything from the day to day practicalities of the nursery routine to how it can feel to return to work, build a relationship with your chick’s new carers and leave your chick with us for their first day!

You will have the chance to ask lots questions and we hope that by the end of the evening you will feel confident and ready for the next step into the nursery nest!

These are free events, run throughout the year and family and friends are also welcome to come along to.

Education evenings – to discuss the EYFS curriculum and how to reinforce it at home. These session also contain information about 3 year old funding.

Specialised subjects – ‘how boys and girls learn differently’, ‘behaviour and boundaries’, ‘forming relationships’, ‘pillows and potties’ and whatever else may feel relevant. We are always open to suggestions!


The  Chirp
Dicky Birds has an email newsletter called The Chirp that keeps you updated with what is happening in the nursery. It lands in your inbox brimming with photos of the chicks taking part in activities and with important messages.

Chirp Alerts
Train delays, road closures, reminders of events – our Chirp Alerts arrive in your inbox if there is something going on that we think you should know about!

Aunty Jane
Aunty Jane is a columnist who writes for The Chirp as well as being a senior manager at Dicky Birds. Parents write to Aunty with their parenting problems and Aunty answers with some sage advice and tips which are then published anonymously in The Chirp. Aunty Jane can also be met for one to one appointments to discuss anything from breast feeding, to weaning to potty training. 

Quack Sheets - our fact sheets
We have a far ranging library of Quack Sheets available. The subjects include anything from teething to behaviour management and toilet training. Whatever the issue our extensive library of Quack Sheets are an excellent way to pick up quick and easy tips to help make contented little chick’s and to put your mind at ease.

Parents Evenings
We hold two Parents Evenings per year. This is an opportunity for you to find out how your chick is getting on at nursery by meeting with your family's Key Person. It is also a great way to meet other parents in relaxed surroundings.

School Appointments
When it is time to think about flying the nest to 'big school' (something that can be daunting at the best of times), we can help guide you with a schools appointment. We discuss options relating to local community and independent education and consider what type of school might best suit your child. We always advise parents to complete independent school registrations before their chick's first birthday, as many of the sought-after schools have extremely long waiting lists!



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