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For our Families

The Summer Performance
When your child has come of age and is ready to move on to big school, they will take part in our annual summer performance for all proud parents to come and watch!

Building props and scenery, making costumes and learning short lines and songs is all part of the young ones early development. It introduces them to self-expression through performance and is a perfect introduction to the arts. Chicks learn how to be creative on a large scale while simultaneously being interactive, boosting their confidence and encouraging their imaginations. The summer play is traditionally followed by our family summer party.

The Summer Party
Each year we host a summer party for parents and extended family to attend. A celebration of summer and a chance to stop and chat to those parents, staff and chicks you usually whizz by in the hall way after dropping off in the morning.With delicious food and usually a glass of Pimms or two for the grownups our Summer Party’s are enjoyed by all.

Our Sports Day
Our sports days are held in the parks local to our nurseries and are for our biggest chicks who are flying off to school. This is a lovely way of celebrating the end of your child's time at Dicky Birds. The whole family are very welcome and parent participation is a must. It is great fun as an incy wincy bit of competitiveness is encouraged!

Special Events
Across the year we hold events and theme days to celebrate festivals such as (Diwali, Christmas, Hannukkah), learn about different cultures (World Day, Black History Month), raise awareness (National Tree Week, Healthy Eating Week), sporting events (The Olympics, Wimbledon), literature and arts events (Roald Dahl Day, World Art Day)

These events not only help to give the children awareness and knowledge of the world around them by dressing up or making something at home to compliment the theme but also opportunities for the family to contribute to good causes.These events are always very memorable and are the cause of much excitement. Photos of such events are heavily featured in our newsletter called The Chirp.



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