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For the Chicks

Physical Education 

Dicky Birds Physical Education is a fully inclusive and free activity for ALL children in the nest. Our aim is to readily prepare our chicks for lifelong engagement in physical activity and allow for a smooth transition into KS1 Physical Education lessons at school.

As the chicks grow older with us they learn the fundamentals of 6 major sports – Football, Tennis, Athletics, Rugby, Cricket and Basketball. In each P.E session, we incorporate many different aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to form a link between physical activity and education.

Find out more about how we integrate P.E into nursery life here.

Woodland Explorers 

Dicky Birds Woodland Explorers is a free activity for children in their last academic year, created to develop and encourage an awareness and appreciation of our natural world.  The sessions are run by our Woodland Explorer Leader who has an accredited Forest School Level 3 qualification, paediatric first aid training and outdoor first aid training. 

Woodlands Explorer sessions encourage chicks to learn about and take care of the ever-changing natural world around them, as well as teaching them to take responsibility for their actions – all by spending time within a small forest environment.  Woodlands Explorer is a beautiful way to learn.  The emphasis is on the young explorer, exploring their world, in their own way and at their own pace.

Water Confidence Lessons (currently suspended because of COVID-19)

To make your chick's time in the nest even extra special we offer Water Confidence lessons. For more details, please see our fact sheets below. We look forward to getting back into the water soon!

How we allocate places for our activities

We do not run a waiting list for activities. If a child attends the nursery they are automatically eligible to be offered a place. Places are offered in the following order of priority:-

  1. Children who attend the nursery on a full day care basis 5 days per week
  2. Children who attend the nursery on a full day care basis 4 days per week
  3. Chronologically (oldest to youngest)

For further details see our Admissions Policy and our Activities Terms & Conditions


You can also contact our Admissions Team on 020 8942 5779 or activities@dickybirds.co.uk.

Entertainment, learning and trips (both big and small)

We also invite outside entertainment to the nursery such as mobile farms, puppet shows and musical groups. These activities may incur an additional fee.

With so many opportunities to learn and explore on our doorstep, mini trips to locations within the community are a must; from visiting the local shops to picking up ingredients for baking, to looking out for the 57 bus and counting cars - the chicks are constantly learning and developing their maths and literacy skills. We are surrounded by lovely local parks and other areas of interest so the nurseries can plan their trips in advance or on the spur of the moment - just like you would at home.

However, we also organise some grander outings! In recent years these have included trips down the Thames, local farms and temples as well as visits to the Science Museum, the London Aquarium and Battersea Park Zoo. With exciting journeys on trains, buses and boats the chicks love to lend a hand picking, planning and preparing for these trips. Parents are also very welcome to come along and join in the fun!



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