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Let’s be honest - it’s incredibly hard work but my goodness it’s fascinating and rewarding to work with children. We encourage and support staff into further education and development to become fully qualified.

You will of course be passionate about child care but you may also have other skills that could really benefit the children. More recently these extra skills have meant that our new recruits have interests in cooking, art, photography, sport, acting, flower arranging and languages such as Spanish, Italian and French.

Dicky Birds offers a variety of positions to cater to your needs with part time and full time positions. A career in childcare is extremely rewarding and allows for progression from nursery practitioners through to senior management.

So whether you are new to childcare, a qualified early years teacher or are a mature mummy looking for flexible hours don’t hesitate to contact us for an application form.

If you are passionate about helping children to be happy, playful and confident little people and you understand what an important role you can play in their lives, then you might want to think about joining the Dicky Birds team!

For information about our latest vacancies, what a career with us can mean for you or you are simply wondering what it might be like to work with children….

Wellness At Work

At Dicky Birds we place great emphasis on the benefits of healthy living and offer a wide-range of free workshops to encourage healthy, active lifestyle choices amongst our staff. Our informative seminars, which offer key nutritional advice and other ways to improve diet, as well as vigorous workout sessions, to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn any excess calories, are central parts of our workplace health programme. Directed by professional fitness coaches, these classes provide both a group support network as well as the opportunity for individual mentorship to help create a better, healthier and more enriching lifestyle for all of our employees.

As well as physical health, the mental wellbeing of our staff is of paramount importance to us as a company. Our free, comprehensive and confidential, workplace counselling service is accessible at any time of the day and on any day of the year; offering our employees a safe place to talk about any issues that are troubling them and, with the help of trained advisors, to put in place positive management strategies and find effective resolutions. 

You can also contact us on 020 8942 5779 or  HR@dickybirds.co.uk

Fostering Diversity In Childcare

Dicky Birds is an equal opportunity employer; committed to the recruitment and employment of individuals on the basis of their qualifications, skills and experience alone. We recruit, employ, train, treat and promote employees indiscriminate of an individual’s sex, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, creed, colour, nationality, age, disability or any other arbitrary grounds.

Likewise, in-work roles and responsibilities are assigned uniformly according to an individual’s capability to carry out said duties. We do not adhere to perceived gender stereotypes and aim to foster diversity in our care across as broad a social spectrum as possible. 



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